Card and Document Assistance

Simply store your card details and copies of documents on our secure site.

At your request, we’ll arrange for your cards to be cancelled.

We can also email copies of your documents to you and even remind you when your cards and documents are due to expire.

Card Sentry Services

Card Protection:

  • Register bank, loyalty, membership and other cards.
  • Access our international customer service phone line 24/7.
  • Get card expiry reminders.

Document Storage:

  • Scan and store documents securely.
  • Retrieve and email stored documents as required.
  • Get document expiry reminders.

Mobile Phone Registration:

  • Register mobile information, including SIM number, network provider and IMEI number.

Key Protection:

  • Receive a key fob with a unique security code.
  • Get assistance with arranging the return of found keys.

Security Measures:

  • The Card Sentry service is built by a team of experts to deliver effective protection within a secure environment

Expert Support:

  • Contact our dedicated team of specialists at any time, available 24/7.

Why You Need Card Protection

Time is of the essence when your cards are lost or stolen. The sooner the loss is reported, the better your chances of preventing unauthorised card use.

Card Sentry protects you by providing a single point of contact for reporting a loss 24/7, ensuring that your card providers are contacted as quickly as possible.

Our secure member portal gives you immediate access to your card and document details. You can even download copies of your travel, insurance or financial documents as needed, or we can email copies as per your instructions.

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